2020 sees the re-launch of the intricate but ingenious Frederique Constant Highlife collection with some modern twists. If you are not familiar with the original concept, the Highlife is an  integrated watch and strap system designed to make it really easy to alternate between bracelets and straps yourself.

This concept has been added to the Frederique Constant Highlife Perpetual Calendar Manufacture, Highlife Heart Beat and Highlife Automatic COSC watches.  Each of these models has it’s own spec, but the 41mm case with integrated strap system unites them.

Frederique Constant Highlife COSC Chronometer model FC-303N4NH6B
Highlife Automatic COSC
 Highlife Perpetual Calendar Manufacture model FC-775V4NH2B
Highlife Perpetual Calendar Manufacture
Frederique Constant Heart Beat model FC-310V4NH4
Highlife Heart Beat







Developing an entirely new system that Highlife design concept Frederique Constantmakes it possible to switch between a steel bracelet, leather, crococalf suede or rubber strap however, does not come easy.  The design team have dispensed with the case horns to allow greater and more natural movement, enabling it to sit more comfortably on the wrist.

The removal of the horns makes the design infinitely more complicated to conceive than any strap with horns. The process requires precision engineering between the lines of the case and the links, with no room for error. The result is a smooth, regular but gradual transition to the clasp and natural fluidity that is almost imperceptible.


Highlife Automatic COSC Chronometer Blue Dial FC-303N4NH6B

Highlife Automatic COSC Chronometer Silver Dial FC-303V4NH2B