Oris Collaboration with Sustainable Deer Leather Manufacturer Cervo Volante

Oris continues its environmental ‘Change for the Better’ campaign with a new collaboration with sustainable deer leather manufactuer, Cervo Volante. Launching today: three new Big Crown Pointer Date models created in partnership with this young company.

Why is Leather from Swiss Red Deer Sustainable?

Although Red Deer were on the brink of extinction in the 1700s, the species has made remarkable comeback. Due to a lack of natural predators and little interest from hunters in the 20th century, Red Deer have re-populated the Swiss countryside. In fact, numbers of Red Deer in the area are now estimated at around 35,000. However, in such large numbers Red Deer have a negative impact on local forest ecosystems. Furthermore, many farmers see them as a pest. Consequently, the Swiss government’s highly regulated hunting season allows thousands of deer to be hunted each year.

Swiss Red Deer

Who are Cervo Volante?

Cervo Volante is a Swiss manufacturer of deerskin leather products founded by friends Kadri Vunder Fontana and Conny Thiel-Egenter. Fontana is a biotechnology engineer and businesswoman, whilst Thiel-Egenter is a biologist specialising in wildlife and habitat management. Their vision: to take waste deer skins and transform them into sustainable footwear and accessories. Beginning with shoes and boots, Cervo Volante has expanded its catalogue to leather accessories and coats. Driven by sustainability, Cervo Volante aims to bring awareness to the use of leather in the fashion industry. The brand’s other main goal is to prevent waste and reduce the leather industries ecological footprint. In 2020, on hearing of Oris’s ‘Change for the Better’ campaign, the pair approached Oris to collaborate on a sustainable deer leather project.

Kadri Vunder Fontana and Conny Thiel-Egenter of Cervo Volante

Cervo Volante Products: Benefits

Cervo Volante’s hand-crafted products have a low environmental impact. Also, they are beautiful and hard-wearing. However, most importantly, they tell stories in a way that mass produced equivalents never could. For example, they retain the imperfections that occur during the life of a deer in their skins, where many companies would discard them. Also, their skins are never the product of farming, and they never require chemicals or fertilizers. Furthermore, if the skins weren’t used in this way, they’d simply be burned. Moreover, Cervo Volante has employed Switzerland’s last two remaining tanneries, both of which use 100 per cent vegetable tanning processes.

Sustainable Red Deer leather

Oris Big Crown X Cervo Volante Watches

Launching today: three new Big Crown Pointer Date Watches with Cervo Volante deer skin straps. The trio have dials inspired by Alpine hues in green, blue and grey.

Oris are keen to stress that the watches are not limited editions but will continue to be available while there is demand. It’s all part of their commitment to encourage us to make more sustainable choices.

Priced at £1350, these special watches also come with a beautiful travel pouch and cardholder made of Cervo Volante deer leather.

Oris Big Crown X Cervo Volante automatic watch with green dial and brown leather strap model 0175477794067SET

All three Oris watches are available to buy online from an Independent Authorised Dealer. Best of all, every sale through watchspecialists.com supports a family owned, UK tax-paying business. Support the High Street and shop with us today!