How To Cut Your Elliot Brown Rubber Watch Strap To Size

Elliot Brown Rubber Watch Straps are supplied long to ensure they fit even the largest of wrists. Consequently, most straps need to be adjusted to fit. Follow this Step by Step Guide to avoid making mistakes and cutting the strap too short.

Elliot Brown Bloxworth watch with orange dial and strap model 929-104-R55S

7 Steps to Achieving the Perfect Size Elliot Brown Rubber Strap


  1. Firstly, allow yourself plenty of time. Don’t rush!
  2. Try your watch and strap on your wrist before you start cutting.
  3. If you need to shorten the strap, take the watch off and place it on a soft surface.
  4. Remove one strap end from the buckle using the pointed tool (included) to push into the holes in the sides of the buckle to release the spring bar. Be careful not to lose the spring bar.
  5. With a sharp knife or scissors, carefully cut just one section from the free end. Cut carefully along the centre of the first guide groove on the inner surface of the strap at the end nearest the buckle. Don’t cut two sections at once.
  6. Now refit the strap end back into the buckle depressing the spring bar to locate into the hole position nearest the centre join of the buckle. Use your fingernail or a spring bar tool if you have one.
  7. Now try the strap on your wrist again – it’s surprising how much removing just one rubber section changes the size.

If the strap still needs to be smaller, repeat the above seven steps, alternating which side you cut down until the strap is the perfect length. Each time, re-attach the strap using the holes nearest the centre of the buckle so you can always increase the size a little just in case.

Elliot Brown Bloxworth watch with orange dial and strap model 929-104-R55S

What if I need to make a Minor Adjustment?

The attachment holes in the buckle are half the length of the strap sections so if you end up slightly too tight or too loose, adjust which set of holes the strap attaches to in the buckle until it’s perfect.

How will temperature affect the size of my wrist?

If you need to cut your Elliot Brown Rubber Strap to size, it pays to be patient so you don’t end up cutting the strap too short. Remember as your body temperature increases, your wrist size will increase too.