What is a Seiko Spring Drive Movement?

28 years in the making, Seiko launched their Spring Drive movement in 2005. Spring Drive combines the best of mechanical watchmaking with the best of quartz timekeeping. Consequently, the calibre is state of the art without the weaknesses inherent to both types of movement.

Seiko Prospex Spring Drive Pro Dive limited edition men's watch movement for model SNR041J1
Spring Drive Pro Dive limited edition movement

How accurate is a Seiko Spring Drive Movement?

Spring Drive is accurate to a fantastic +/- 1 second per day

What is the benefit of a Spring Drive Movement?

Spring Drive benefits from the unlimited energy potential of a mechanical watch powered by a mainspring but with accuracy nearer to that of a quartz watch.

How does the Spring Drive Movement work?

Seiko Spring Drive movements get their energy from a mainspring not a battery. Just as in a mechanical watch, the mainspring is either wound up manually by hand using the crown or via a rotor. In a Spring Drive movement, the mainspring drives a standard gear train and at the end of the gear train sits Seiko’s own Tri-syncro regulator. This is in place of a traditional escapement. The Tri-synchro regulator controls and releases the mechanical, electrical and electro-magnetic energy generated by the mainspring.

For more technical information about how the Spring Drive movement works, read this great article on Worn & Wound.

What is the Power Reserve of a Spring Drive Movement?

Spring Drive has a power reserve of 72 hours.

Seiko men's Presage Spring Drive watch with stainless steel case, black enamel dial and black leather strap model SNR039J1
Seiko Presage model SNR039J1

Which current models have Spring Drive movements?

In the Presage line, two special models are available with Seiko Spring Drive movements. SNR039J1 and SNR037J1 are both classical timepieces which celebrate Japanese craftsmanship. With beautiful enamel dials, an exhibition caseback allows the intricacies of the Spring Drive movement to be seen.



Seiko Prospex Spring Drive Pro Dive limited edition men's watch with stainless steel case and bracelet model SNR041J1
Seiko Prospex Spring Drive Pro Dive model    SNR041J1



For a more rugged watch, the LX Dawn Light Limited Edition SNR041J1 from the Prospex line, is a very special timepiece. Limited to only 200 pieces, it is a professional divers watch. The use of cermat in the bezel allows for a luxurious violet/gold colour that is not possible with conventional ceramic. Similarly, the Seiko Prospex Titanium GMT is also equipped with Spring Drive. A rotating compass bezel and 24 hour hand are great added features.