One of the best-known watch brands on the planet; Citizen create some of the most innovative timepieces around. A large percentage of the collection are powered by Eco-Drive technology. Consequently, these watches are an environmentally friendly option as they are powered by a hidden solar panel in the watch dial. In the words of Citizen; Eco-Drive technology – powered by light, any light. Never needs a battery.

The Silhouette collection features Eco-Drive technology to power their elegant yet functional women’s watches, packing reliability and style into each piece. Additionally, Citizen are pioneers in atomic timekeeping and in 1993, they launched the first multi-band atomic watch. Radio-controlled timekeeping is used in the Skyhawk A-T models. Therefore, when the wearer travels through a different time zone, the watch automatically adjusts its time by locating the correct regional signal.

The company owes its origins to Swiss watchmaker, Rodolphe Schmid. In 1912, Schmid opens an assembly factory facility in Yokohama, Japan in association with the existing Shokosha Watch Research Institute. In 1930, Swiss and Japanese investors bought Citizen Watch Co. Ltd. From the outset, the company ethos has always been to produce well made, reasonably priced watches to the citizens of the world. This global vision is the key to their longevity. The use of re-usable energy with new technologies makes them an ever-popular option.

More recently, collaborations with Marvel, Disney and the Red Arrows have pushed the collection in new and exciting directions. These new models combine Silhouette styling and Eco-Drive technology, with the vibrant artwork of these brand icons.

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CITIZEN - Silhouette Women's Chronograph FB2007-04H

CITIZEN - Silhouette Women's Chronograph FB2007-04H


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