MeisterSinger is one of the most distinctive watch brands around, with only one hand showing hours and minutes. The brain-child of a Mr Manfred Brassler back in 2001. He aimed to produce distinctive timepieces that do not bother the wearer with the speedy passing of seconds. The dials are so clear (and the one hand is so precise) that you can clearly see the hours and minutes at a glance. Because of this unusual design feature, the dials are reminiscent of weight measuring machines or dial measuring gauges. The addition of the leading zero before the single numerals also emphasises this.

The term MeisterSinger was used in the 15th and 16th Century to a describe a poet or singer that could achieve higher notes than the other singers. This is the thinking behind the MeisterSinger collection; to aim for something better and to achieve a higher level of watchmaking.

Every MeisterSinger watch is either powered by manually wound or automatic movements. Accuracy is key with this style and as they say, they strive to achieve perfection through precision. The collection includes models showing day, date. These functions are kept visible by using full inner dial rings on models such as the Pangaea to stay true to the original style, to great effect.

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MEISTERSINGER - Neo Plus Sunburst Red Dégradé Dial Strap Watch NE411D

MEISTERSINGER - Neo Plus Sunburst Red Dégradé Dial Strap Watch NE411D


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