Seiko Astron are the world’s first GPS solar watches. Combining these two technologies, Astron innovation uses any light for power and can change time zone at the touch of a button. There are two ways of displaying the time on the main and sub-dial, for home and away time-zones.

The Seiko Quartz Astron was born on Christmas Day 1969. With a movement 100 times more accurate than a standard hand-wind mechanical watch, the first quartz Astron watches took horology into a new era. Consequently, the dream that one day a quartz movement would be produced to make wrist watches affordable to all became a reality.

The Astron GPS Solar shares the Astron name with its quartz ancestor because it is similarly revolutionary. Astron GPS Solar is diverse and vibrant featuring materials such as ceramic bezels and titanium metal. The high specification technology means that the functionality is surprisingly easy for the wearer. If that isn’t enough, what other watch can boast a world time function in 39 time zones?

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